Chinese Language For Everyone!

Language learning is fun! Our awesome alternative way of learning Mandarin Chinese is effective for those who seek a different way of learning languages other than repetition and regurgitation. Learning should be fun and not remind you of school. Domino Chinese aims to be your destination for learning affordable and fun Mandarin Chinese easily.


Created to Fit All Levels.

No matter what level of Chinese language knowledge you have, an absolute beginner or intermediate, we’ve created comprehensive video courses and guides to give you a foundation that will keep your level high AND get you to speak and write Chinese right away.


Learn Chinese Wherever It Best Suits You.

Time is precious. Each of our language videos are no longer than 4 minutes and are available anytime and anywhere. You can learn via desktop, on a tablet, on your mobile device...we are here for you.


Adapted to Fit into Your Schedule.

Our lessons are adapted to be short so you only spend a little moment of every day to slowly build up to fluent Mandarin Chinese. Study for 5 minutes, 20 minutes or 3 hours. Review what you want and track your progress. Study at your own pace.

Set Your Own Price

Afforadable Language Lessons for You.

You pay whatever you feel is reasonable for all of the courses. We want people to feel comfortable setting their own pricing per month on a scale. Whether you think our Chinese education material is worth $20 per month or $5 a month, we leave it up to you!

Of course, before you decide, you can try out Domino Chinese for Free.

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