How to use 都 and where

Level 1 Chapter 2

都 (all) is actually really simple. But the character looks complicated and it’s not used like in English so most of you will probably need to revisit this page in the future.

Put 都 before the verb. 我们都要. We all want it.

If there’s a 不, that always comes inbetween – 我们都不要

Think of it before the verb, because many time in Chinese we omit the subject. So if you want everything you just say 都要.

Or if you want nothing you say 都不要.

If all is fine you just say 都可以

If you like everything you say 都喜欢

都 can be used with objects but it’s complicated and rarely used, so only use 都 when you don’t have an object. e.g. don’t try to say “I want all the coffee/candy”. Instead just say “I want (it) all”

You can use 都 to say both: 两个 – 2

两个都 – both

Both are ok 两个都可以

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