Study Material

We’ve compiled all supplementary material you’ll (hopefully) ever need on this page.
So go ahead and download all of it, completely for free.

Vocab List Domino 2.0
Level 1

The vocab list below is in line with the new 2.0 course. As we update the videos the vocab lists will follow. You can still download the other vocabs from each level.

Course Book
Level 1-10

Keep this at your side every time you study (Note that this course book only goes to Level 10)


We've created flashcards for all lessons. Follow these simple instructions and start reviewing.
For chapter 1 we also have anki decks now. Please download and get started.

Story time - The book

This is the first 60 chapters of our book about writing. We'll upload the last chapters very soon.

Extra Exercises
Level 1-10

Practise the most important concepts with these exercises.

Measure Words

These are all the measure words you will need, by level.

List - Building Blocks

Here's Domino's own list of building blocks.


This is the official list of all the radicals in Chinese. We'd suggest following our building blocks however.