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How do I adapt to the 2.0 course?

The 2.0 course is a revised and improved version of the current course. Some words have been added in earlier and few ones have been removed in the 2.0 course. Throughout the next months we will do our best to update the videos accordingly. When the videos are updated the vocabs will follow and all you need to do then is to go through the 2.0 vocab list and check for words you don’t know then go to the respective lesson and add it to your Chinese brain. You will find the vocabs in "Study Material".

Our pricing plan

With our subscription plan you’ll be charged whatever you want, starting at $2/month. You’ll be charged the amount you’ve decided every month. You can cancel or change the price at any time and it will then start a new monthly billing cycle that day.

Felix's accent

Many students have asked about Felix’s accent. Felix has worked on Chinese TV and has passed the highest Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK level 6). Chinese people think he sounds just like a Chinese person when he speaks.

Downloading our videos

Currently you can’t download our videos. We are planning to build an app where we will be able to offer downloadable videos. Until then, everything’s online. Help support us and we’ll be able to start building our long-awaited mobile app.

Why don’t you have a pinyin course?

Many students have asked why domino doesn’t have a course only in pinyin. The reason is cause pinyin might seem easier at first glance but our goal is to make you completely independent in Chinese and knowing characters will make that goal much easier to achieve. However, in all our videos we teach both characters and pinyin next to each other so pinyin is still there for everyone.

Udemy/other websites VS

Domino has material on the following websites: Udemy/Stackskills/Courselinc/ofcourse.

Here's the difference:

  • Due to copyrights, the most up-to-date content is ONLY on
  • On other websites we have up towards 20 hours of content. On we have 300 hours (note that we are uploading constantly and we'll finish before 2017)
  • Other platforms are built to provide our videos and some quizzes. is built to make learning our material ideal.

Because the material and platforms are so different you will not be given free access to if you have paid for our material somewhere else. You might be given discounts though.

How do you type in Chinese?

In lesson 2 you will have to start typing in Chinese, pinyin. You will also get instructions on how to type. However, to set it up please go to Keyboard setup and follow the instructions.

What and how much will I learn?

This course teaches Chinese, Mandarin, and covers all aspects of the language (including Chinese characters).

The entire course (300 hours) contains enough material to pass an official Chinese proficiency test – HSK level 5. This equates to 3 years full-time study at University. Anyone can take the test and use it towards a University degree. We are currently working on content for HSK level 6 (the last level). Read more here

However, we have chosen to not blindly follow the HSK curriculum as we have our own method to learn Chinese. Each level is about 10 hours, and after the first level you will start writing and speaking. However, after level 10 (100 hours) all the lessons will be given completely in Chinese and you'll be able to understand it.

How does everything go together - videos/lessons/chapters/levels and tests?

  • We make short videos to keep you engaged (1-5 mins each).
  • Each lesson has about 20-30 mins content.
  • Inside one level there are 16-20 lessons.

Instead of displaying all the lessons inside a level we've also divided every 4 lessons into chapters. Those chapters will make out the chapters in our Domino book as well. Those chapters will make out the chapters in our Domino book as well, which is a story about a guy called Wang. The book only uses the words you know so far so it’ll be completely in Chinese and increasingly more difficult as you learn more Chinese.

Where should I start?

There's no restraints and you can skip through the levels and start wherever you want to. However, domino builds on what you've previously learned so make sure you know everything before you move on. We would recommend you to at least go through the Level Mastery Test (you can find it inside every level). When you pass a level test that level will show “Mastered”.

Video quality

We've just updated our video quality and we've started replacing the old videos with new ones with better quality. With the new videos we have dual encoding which allows any low-speed internet user to watch our videos painlessly, however, if you have a good connection the video will automatically update to HD.

How does our Praxey app work?

We have setup a holine, so you can call one of our Chinese tutors, traned in the DominoChinese method. directly from your smartphone.
This is a premium service for which we charge $1/minute. It is available over Praxey, a video/audio calling app.

You just call at anytime and I or some other domino teacher will pick up and answer your question if you just want to practice. You pay $1/minute and can talk for as long (or short) as you want to.

Download the Praxey app here:


Right now you can get exclusive access and directly call Felix( the Founder of DominoChinese)!
Download the app and search for: Dominochinese... press call and we'll be there for you. 

Mandarin? Chinese? Cantonese?

China has 56 official dialects and one official language so it's important we understand what's what. The most spoken dialect in China is Cantonese, it is spoken in the south (Guangdong province, Hong Kong and Macau). Foreigners usually refer to Cantonese as a language but Chinese don't think so. Mandarin is the official language that they use all over the nation in schools and in written form. This is what we refer to as Chinese unless other is implied, it is also what we learn in this course. So DominoChinese teaches you Mandarin or Chinese.

Which levels on domino represents HSK levels?

First of all, the Domino course is built to make you independent in the fastest way. Therefore, it doesn't follow the HSK vocabulary. However, if you are looking to do the HSK exam I would recommend the following:

Domino level - HSK level 

        1,2        -      1   

        3,4        -      2   

        5,6        -      3   

        7,8,9     -      4   

        10-20   -      5 (or 70% of Level 6)

Our initial aim is to get you to level 10 at which point the classes and material are completely in Chinese which will accurately reflect your Chinese level at that point. Right now we're focusing on making the initial levels even better but when we're able to we also want to record more levels towards HSK level 6. 

If you have any questions or have any problems using our website please let us know by sending us an email!

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