10 Amazing Technical Skills for High Paid Salary to Develop During Study Abroad Graduation

by Daniel Maxwell – Jul 8th, 2021

Technical skills, in general, would apply across the world, but if you study abroad, their relevance may be at a scale that’s still unprecedented back home. Irrespective of your field of study, these technical skills are generally accepted as some of the most valuable skills to have, given the current global situation. 

For this list, we’re going to focus on skills that may not necessarily land you a high-salary job directly. Still, we will bolster you to handle these high-paid jobs better and genuinely make a difference to any company looking to hire you. 

Programming Languages 

This particular one may seem to be a less conventional skill, especially to people who are not directly in the software industry, but it is a beneficial skill. Going slightly deeper into the craft itself, Java and Python are the most widely used languages. Learning them (along with their frameworks and databases) will be a definitive plus to your bucket of skills, definitely worth the time that goes into learning it. This applies more when you happen to study in Germany, for example, where technology innovation and efficiency are highly regarded. 

Data Analytics 

Whether or not it’s the new oil, it’s a skill that should logically find its way into your arsenal. If you’re wondering why this may be the case, consider the idea itself, which is that we are in a world where data is practically available everywhere. And to use resources that are so clearly available is logically the best approach to solve any given situation. Simple. Tools used would typically include R, Tableau, Excel, Python, and SAS, among many others, and you’re either studying or looking to study abroad; this should be a skill you’re looking to develop during your downtime there. 

Digital Marketing 

To have a basic working understanding of what happens during the process, the possibilities of what can be done, and the prospect of reaching out to the entire world is one that any organisation, big or small, would appreciate. We do not mean a half-hearted attempt at completing a generic self-paced course off of the first course-based platform you find. Still, it’s a genuine effort to understand the basics to know the workings of various digital phenomena we see daily. Suppose you happen to study in Canada or study in Europe. In that case, this will prove to be a precious asset because while traditional marketing means to exist, these markets are increasingly competitive on the digital marketing front. In contrast, markets like the USA are a fair bit more saturated. 

MS Office/Excel 

We start with the classic and an all-time great. This is possibly one of the most potent tools used worldwide today, so much so that entire departments/organisations are managed using this tool. If ever there were a list of technical skills to develop, this would have to be right up there. If you are to ensure that your study abroad plan is to work, this is a skill that could nudge the scales in your direction. 

Project/Task Management 

It is inevitably going to be a part of the organisation you’re a part of. A big task is broken down into several projects and task groups that involve multiple people at different levels, contributing to different degrees to achieve the overall goal. It makes sense to know exactly how to use these tools as it allows you to focus and deliver on your tasks. Your future self, after a long week of work, is going to thank you for this. This is a skill that you should consider learning on a professional level and a personal one. 

While these five skills would add directly to your portfolio, there are a few more skills that would help you stand out. For context, if you’re looking to study abroad, you’re essentially looking to move to a country like the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada, or one of the more powerful European nations. All of them are considered technologically advanced countries. Hence, being comfortable with technology in general and integrating it into everyday life would prove beneficial for your job and personally. 

Now, here are a few of those other skills: 

Visual Representation 

Be it data representation or front-end development, and this is a skill that would benefit anyone, and very honestly is a fun skill to develop. 


It is so often an overlooked side to things and a very undervalued skill to have. But it is imperative to have a record of the things you’ve accomplished, which many professionals today fail to do so that you can reflect upon it later. 


With the use of various tools like calendars and planners readily available, this becomes a skill necessary to master if you are to have any hopes of being efficient at what you do. Looking at ways to optimise it before college is done seems like an excellent use of your time. 

Error Logging 

While traditionally used in coding or prepping for competitive exams, this practice is an excellent way to ensure continued progress. It mainly involves logging in activities done, along with personal roadblocks faced, and forces you to find solutions and, as a result, improve. There are numerous templates to get you started, and once you’re comfortable enough, a personalised version of the log would be ideal.

Logical Reasoning 

While this skill is by no means a definitive science, getting better at it would directly bolster every other skill you will ever learn. But, to do that, you first need to understand the core fundamentals of a problem and solve them, which is what this skill allows you to do. 

If you’re considering studying abroad, you need to make the best of your time there. While these are skills you cannot go wrong with, you need first to understand which is the best option for you, be it concerning the country you want to study, the university, or the course itself. All of which have many factors contributing to the same, and while this may seem an overwhelming prospect, there is always help you can seek out.

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