Best Learning Chinese Memes

by Daniel Maxwell – Aug 1st, 2021

Learning Chinese is an incredibly enjoyable and empowering process, but at times it can be very challenging. Often, the best solution for difficulties and frustration is humour, and what better to laugh at than memes about learning Chinese?

So to support your emotional wellbeing during the challenges of learning Chinese, we’ve scoured the internet for the very best learning Chinese memes – enjoy!

Chinese in my head vs When I speak Chinese 🤣

As we study Chinese, we develop a decent vocabulary, we become able to understand conversations and even ready to follow dialogue in television shows – but then, sometimes, we go to speak, the words just don’t come out 🤣

My language skills, watching me fail 😂

When you get stuck after ‘ni hao’ 😆

After you successfully start a conversation, and then go blank 🤣

Being able to understand overheard conversations

Being able to understand what people are talking about in public is an eye-opening ability. It gives you a huge insight to a country and its people, allowing you to more full appreciate the culture. As a foreigner, people usually presume you can’t understand them, and will speak ‘uncensored’ in your vicinity. This can lead to both funny, and awkard situations!

The things you overhear on the subway 🤣

Chinese Tones!

Chinese grammar is relatively straightforward and logical. Characters can be learnt and remember without too much difficult – providing you have a good teacher.

But Chinese tones! Sometimes it seems tones were created just to make Chinese difficult for foreign learners 😆

Chinese Tones – are they there just to punish foreign learners?

The Difference Between HSK Levels

The HSK 1 test can be accomplished after a short period of learning Chinese and requires knowledge of only about 150 Chinese words. HSK 2 and HSK 3 build on this and can be prepared for quickly. However, the jump from HSK 3 to HSK 4 is mammoth!

The Funniest Chinese Memes 😆

Domino Chinese – the best way to learn Chinese!

More hilarious learning Chinese memes

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