Best Podcast for learning Chinese

by Daniel Maxwell – Mar 28th, 2021

More exciting news from Felix, Ann and all the team at Domino Chinese – we have released a free course for learning Chinese on Spotify and Apple Podcast! That’s right, Domino Chinese, the leading Chinese language learning platform, are now creating the best podcasts for learning Chinese.

Episode one of the best Chinese language course podcast

Podcasts are a wonderful way to learn any language. You are able to listen to podcasts conveniently at any moment of spare time – at breakfast, in the car, on the bus, during your lunch break, at the gym, in the bath and in bed!

After enjoying 22 short podcasts, you’ll be ready to begin simple conversations in Chinese.

As our lives become increasingly busy, the podcast format has become extremely popular because we’re able to enjoy podcasts while multitasking. A recent study revealed that 49% of podcast listening happens at home, 22% in the car, 11% at work, and 8% while exercising.

Furthermore, educational research has shown there are genuine benefits from leaning a language via podcast.

Benefits from learning a language by Podcast

  • Listening to podcasts help motivate and inspire language learners.
  • Podcasts appeal to digital natives.
  • Podcasts are omnipresent – unrestricted by time or location.
  • The learner’s autonomy is enhanced by learning in this way.
  • Podcasts are available online and offline.
  • Learning a language by podcast improves students listening and pronunciation skills.

Fascinating Facts about Podcasts in 2021

Did you know that  “Podcast” is a combination of words “iPod” and “broadcast”?

The term “podcasting” was first used by journalist Ben Hammersley, in February 2004 

  • In 2020 over 155 million people listen to a podcast every week
  • There are over 700,000 active podcasts and 29 million podcast episodes available
  • The most popular age group for podcasts listeners is 25-44
  • Spotify is now the worlds most popular podcast app, Apple podcast app is second. Google’s Podcast app looks set to become more popular over the coming year.

Domino Chinese Blog Podcasts

As well as podcasts for learning Chinese, we have also added a number of our most popular blog posts to the channel. Be sure to check out any you may have missed.

Your favourite articles from the Domino Chinese Blog can also be found on our podcast.

Check out the Domino Chinese Podcasts today!

Our podcasts are available on all the most popular podcast platform. So whether you listen with Spotify, Apple or Google, you’ll be able to stay in touch with us, and remember to click ‘follow’ so you never miss an episode.

If there are any special lessons, blogs or information you would like to hear on our podcasts, be sure to let us know by leaving a message below. We always love to hear from the Domino Chinese Family!