New Year Lockdown in Wuhan – UPDATE

by Daniel Maxwell – Jan 26th, 2020

UPDATED – 28 JAN 2020

Coronavirus outbreak, has now claimed a total of 106 lives, infected over 4,529 people in China and spread to 13 countries. Wuhan, the city where the virus originated, has been in lockdown since 23 January 2020. 

Some of the Domino Chinese students, inclduig Daniel who was interviewed by the BBC, are among the millions affected by travel restrictions which have been enforced. Here are updates from them…

‘There are many videos going out these days of people collapsing. The food delivery still works in Wuhan but many restaurants and shops are closed and have different opening times. This is also due to cny (Chinese New Year)

I’ve walked today and I saw some people on the streets, I saw few cars but the traffic is too low for China, I could count the cars on hands, I heard of motor vehicles ban but I’m not sure to what degree and which districts does it relate to. I’ve not seen a single collapsed person so far however Wuhan is very big’

‘I am in Huangshi which is about 2 hours drive from Wuhan. We are in lockdown- food supplies are ok, supermarkets open etc. there are a few taxis around as well but we can’t leave the city.’

‘Supplies are OK, shop looks full idk about Walmart it’s little off hand for me, universities give meals 3 times a day for free to students. So I think they are doing the best so the Wuhan citizens don’t suffer more in this bad times’

‘We are trying to sort out online teaching materials for our children as they were due to start back on the 3rd in Shanghai. School now due to open on the 17th although that may change again. Either way I can’t attend as I can’t leave Huangshi’

#nCoV2019 update:
– Chinese authorities confirmed 4,529 cases of #coronavirus infection, 106 deaths as of Tues morning
– 46 infections overseas
– Germany, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka confirmed first cases
– Manufacturers boosted production of test kits

More:— Caixin Global (@caixin) January 28, 2020

PUBLISHED – 26 Jan 2020

The coronavirus outbreak, which to date (26 Jan 2020) has claimed a total of 56 lives, infected over 1,900 people in China (237 of whom are in critical conditions) and spread to 10 countries, has prompted Chinese authorities to place strict travel restrictions, and lockdown Wuhan, the city where the virus originated. An additional 13 cities around the centre of the outbreak are also in lockdown.

The outbreak has had a huge impact on this year’s Spring Festival activities and celebrations with temple fairs, restaurants, movie theatres, fastfood outlets, Disneyland and even sections of the Great Wall being closed as precautionary measures to limit environments in which the virus could spread with ease.

In Wuhan, and the other cities which have had their airports, train stations and bus terminals closed, there is a sense of fear and unease with hospitals being overwhelmed and supplies in supermarkets being emptied.

The strict travel restrictions imposed by Beijing on Wuhan have been welcomed by health experts because this lockdown will help restrict the spread of the virus, amid fears of a global pandemic.

The usually busy streets of Wuhan are also eerily quiet as many families opt to stay in and celebrate the lunar new year behind closed doors.

One of the Domino Chinese learners, Daniel, is in lockdown in Wuhan and he has shared his experiences with fellow students in the Domino Chinese WeChat group.

‘Nobody cared about this problem, nobody thought it was this serious. Now everyone is panicking, scared and wants to run out of Wuhan. Many people left and it seems people tend to look down on people from here. I’m disgusted by seeing western people commenting this with racist or political jokes and motives. We are scared, I am too. I talked to my friend who is a pharmacist and she’s working hard the whole day risking her life, so many people trying to buy stuff while they can because shops are getting sold out. There are doctors, nowhere  as enough as we need. They are getting infected by patients, they work hard to save lives while we hide at our homes scared. We don’t do anything to stop this, our lives are meaningless compared to theirs. We should all pay big respects to everyone trying to solve this and save the people affected by this epidemy. God bless us’

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Daniel was also contacted by the BBC and he told them, “I’m not sure what I should do, because I’m all alone here in Wuhan. I’ve got some friends who study at the university as well and we have all decided to stay in our rooms.

“People are not able to go in or out of Wuhan easily right now. I can go out of my apartment, I can move around in Wuhan by foot, but public transport is all blocked right now.

“I was planning to stay in my apartment because I’m scared to go to the gym and I’m scared to go out in public.”

With the rate of infection growing by the day, healthcare experts expect it will take a couple of months before the virus is under control. Wuhan and other cities in the region could be in lockdown for a few months.

Speaking to the New York Times, Dr. Gauden Galea, the representative of the World Health Organization in Beijing explained, “My own office is gearing up for a number of months. We do not expect it to disappear in a number of days.”

A number of Western governments have begun planning to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan and areas at risk. The French Foreign Ministry confirmed they were planning to evacuate its citizens from the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus epidemic.

The U.S. Embassy in Beijing has also confirmed that it is exploring options to help U.S. citizens in Wuhan and British Ministers are drawing up plans to evacuate 200 Britons who are currently stuck at the epicentre of the outbreak.

Foreigners in Wuhan, or other cities which have been locked down, are advised to contact their nearest embassy or consulate for assistance and up-to-date information.