Domino 2.0 is Live | Learn Chinese online today!

by Daniel Maxwell – Jun 23rd, 2020

Over the past year the Domino Chinese team have been busy recording hundreds of videos, developing more courses and, most excitingly, creating a brand new learning platform – Domino 2.0. Login today to experience the very best platform to learn Chinese online.

Our new learning platform has been in development for 2 years and our indomitable programmer has written over a million lines of code, integrating as many innovations and features as possible to bring you the very best resource for learning Chinese. 

Many of the new features we’ve put in the Domino 2.0 platform have come directly from our students’ feedback, listening to our learning community and doing our very best to support you all.

So let’s take a look at the superb features Domino Chinese now offers;

A Multitude Courses

Our new learning platform has over 25 courses and there are more in development.  If you are looking to learn Chinese online, we have the course for you.

Presently, Domino 2.0 includes our Fluency Courses (Level 1 – Level 9), Advanced Courses (Level 10-20), HSK Courses (HSK3, HSK 4 & HSK 5), a Pronunciation Course, a Survival Chinese Course, and our popular Slang Course. Whatever your level – absolute beginner, frequent traveller to China, fluent speaking expat, or academic linguist – there’s a course for you! 

Furthermore, the video lessons from all our courses can be downloaded with the Domino Chinese 2.0 app, giving you the opportunity to study wherever you go.


Flashcards are favoured learning resource for many Chinese students. There are a number of good flashcard apps available, but many of these require paid subscriptions and are not synchronized with your progress through the Domino Chinese courses.

The Domino Chinese flashcards include all the features you’d expect from a top learning resource, and furthermore, these cards are aligned with your progress through our courses. As your lessons introduce new characters and vocabulary to you, these new words will appear in your flashcards. By introducing these cards to you as you learn them, these characters are reinforced constantly, helping you learn Chinese online more quickly and efficiently.


Gamification has been a buzz word in language learning for some time now, but it’s more than a education fad, it’s an excellent way to motivate learners, increase participation, reinforce learning and provide immediate feedback. 

The Domino Chinese 2.0 platform has a number of well-designed digital games to stimulate learners’ language, critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Over 1000 Dialogues

As well as video lessons to introduce and explain Chinese characters, vocabulary and grammar, our new learning platform also includes over 1000 dialogues demonstrating the use of Mandarin Chinese in real-life situations.

After you have learnt new characters and new phrases, you’ll be able to watch dialogues using those very phrases you’ve just learnt. This will help to consolidate your learning while improving your comprehension and pronunciation skills. 

These levelled dialogues will help prepare you for every situation; ordering food, asking directions, shopping, making friends, formal situations, dating, working, business meetings and even going to the dentist!

Community Features – Forums & Comments

By providing easy access and affordable learning, online learning is, without question, one of the most important developments in modern education. 

One of the few disadvantages of learning online is that it can get a bit lonely. Afterall, it’s always nice to chat with other students, compare notes, discuss challenges and offer support, just as students in traditional schools and colleges like to do. 

To accommodate this important aspect of learning, Domino 2.0 includes learner forums, and the ability to comment on lessons. This enables Domino students to connect, share their learning experiences, support each other and make friends – an essential aspect of education which is all too often neglected on webbased learning platforms. 

So be sure to check out the student forums and connect with Domino Chinese community – you may even find yourself hanging out in the forums more often than attending class, as many college students tend to do!

Login today!

So if you’ve not yet downloaded the Domino 2.0 app, be sure to do so today and take another important step along the path to learning one of the world’s most important and intriguing languages.

And for those students who are new to Domino Chinese, you couldn’t have picked a better time because right now we’re offering free access to all our courses for 30 days.

Simply click on this link and get free access instantly!