Success Story – Vanessa

by Daniel Maxwell – Dec 20th, 2020

Success Story

Can You Learn Chinese in 9 weeks?

Student Profile
– Language-Learning History: Has not studied for more than 20 years
– Current Chinese Level: Comfortable in both writing and speaking after only 9 weeks
– Current HSK level (China’s Official Standard): Level 4 (typically requires 2 years of full-time study)

Student Story

Vanessa is just one of 60,000 students well on the way to mastering Chinese with DominoChinese. With no language-study experience for 20 years, we think she’s the perfect illustration of just how easy the DominoChinese method makes learning Chinese. No endless reading, no boring books. Just quick and fun lessons with rapid results.

Vanessa studied online at In just 9 short weeks she was able to reach DominoChinese level 9. After this point, personal and business conversations are more than possible. This is an achievable benchmark for any DominoChinese student with any lifestyle.

Vanessa completed 4 online lessons each day and reviewed vocabulary in a free flashcard app. In addition, she spent about 1 hour each day using the DominoChinese free study material.

Later, she met with Felix, one of DominoChinese personal tutors. Vanessa found that daily contact with a tutor significantly accelerated her learning and made her feel more comfortable speaking Chinese. Most of their contact was through an online video-messaging service which suited her busy lifestyle.

Vanessa is already only a few short steps away from mastering Chinese as she continues her DominoChinese journey. Follow Vanessa’s footsteps and become our next success story!