The Domino Chinese Shop is Open

by Daniel Maxwell – Nov 5th, 2020

Ever since Felix and Ann appeared in one of Domino Chinese’s early videos wearing ‘I hate him/her’ T-shirts, Domino Chinese learners have been asking about where they can shop for official Domino merchandise.

Since that vintage video, Felix, Ann and the rest of the team have been so busy developing new courses, recording videos, structuring the Domino Chinese curriculum, developing the website and launching a brand new app, that they hardly had time to sleep, let alone set up a shop with Domino merchandise.

Fortunately, one member of the Domino family, Ran, decided that it was high time the Domino Chinese shop was up and running, so he did everyone a great favour by setting it up – big thank you to Ran! 

So if you interested in getting your hands on some of the hippest language learning fashion accessories, click on the link below. We’ll appreciate your support, it will make you the envy of Chinese learners everywhere, and you’ll be a proud owner of the ‘about-to-be most popular’ Christmas gift for 2020!

Currently there are a couple of T-shirt designs available in the Domino Shop, but we’re looking to add more. So if you have some ideas for t-shirt designs, mugs, mouse pads, baseball caps or even umbrellas, then let us know. Domino Chinese Family values the feedback, input, ideas and inspiration of every learner, we look forward to hearing your ideas.

Furthermore, if you submit a design and we use it ,you’ll get a free month full access and eternal honor!!

Click the link to tell us what you’d like to see in the store:

Here are some ideas that students have previously suggested;

我不是中国人 – I am not Chinese

是的我听得懂 – yes i understand

我学中文 – I study Chinese

不是游客 – Not a tourist

便宜点 – Cheaper please

当地价格 – local price please

加油加油! – Add oil!

我中文说得不好 – I don’t speak Chinese so well

警告 – 我听得懂你说的 – Warning! I understand you

If you come up with more ideas, or you can create designs for these phrases, be sure to get in touch!

Of course, the focus for Domino Chinese will always be developing our innovative learning platform, and helping all our students master Chinese – so don’t worry, Felix and Ann will not be leaving us to launch modelling careers on the back of this new venture!