We are 10 years old!

by Daniel Maxwell – Jun 3rd, 2022

Domino Chinese Birthday!! We are 10 years old!

Domino Chinese is officially celebrating 10 fantastic years with an extra special promotion and a look back all the success we and our students have enjoyed over the past decade!

10 Years of Achievement

In June 2012, Felix was in living in China and realizing that the way Chinese was being taught to foreigners was unsuitable for most learners. Desperate to learn this fantastic language, Felix and the team devised a more logical way of learning Chinese which would make mastering Chinese easier and more enjoyable!

Since then Felix, Ann and the Domino Team have created a media library of over 2000 videos (100+ hours) incorporates genuine real-life interactions with local Chinese people, in China, to expose learners to the natural reactions, Chinese slang and the authentic language of local people.

The Domino Chinese Udemy course quickly became one of the most popular introductions to learning Chinese on the internet – with over 150,000 students learning the basics of Chinese with Felix and Ann!

Last year, Domino Chinese launched Domino Classroom, a virtual classroom environment for students who wish to quickly gain a high level of Chinese fluency. Domino Classroom courses run for 3 months and take students to a confident level of language fluency in written and oral Chinese. By the end of this online Chinese course you will be able to confidently read, write, speak and understand Chinese!

Birthday Promotion!

To celebrate our 10 years of success we are running a special birthday 50% promotion on our Beginner Classroom course and Domino Open. Simply head over to www.dominochinese.com and use the Promotion Code – DOMINO10YEAR

The offer will only run during the month of June (2022) so be sure to claim your promotion today!

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