We’ve created the world’s best Chinese learning app

by Daniel Maxwell – Nov 21st, 2020

We’ve been hiding out in our Chinese/Swedish basements over the last 6 months, secretly making the world’s best Chinese learning app, and now it’s here! 

Download the app today and follow these simple steps – you will be reading, writing and speaking Mandarin Chinese correctly and confidentially in no time at all!

Step One – Choose a course and start a lesson.

The Domino Chinese website and app have over 300 hours of video content and an array of courses including; Survival Chinese, Beginner Chinese, Chinese Slang, Karaoke Chinese, HSK, Advanced Chinese and Chinese for Academic Purposes.

All of the Domino Chinese online video courses are divided into levels and lessons, with lessons (which comprise of 10 short videos) taking about 20 minutes to complete.

Step 2 – Quizzes

Educational research overwhelmingly confirms that learning is most effective when it is interactive. Our videos provide you with the vocabulary and knowledge you need to read, write and speak Chinese, while the Domino Chinese Quizzes check your understanding and help consolidate your learning in a fun and engaging manner.

At the end of each unit of study there are Level Quizzes which review the entire unit. By passing the Domino Chinese Level Quizzes you’ll earn certification which acknowledges your progress through the courses.

Domino Chinese Step One & Step Two

Step Three – Flashcards

Flashcards are a well proven way resource for language learning and many Chinese language students subscribe to expensive flashcard apps. to support their language learning. Here are Domino Chinese we’ve developed our very own flashcards – there’s no need to purchase additional apps, Domino has it all!

The Domino Chinese Flashcards are levelled according to our courses and the flashcard deck with automatically load cards depending on your progress through each course. 

Furthermore, our wonderful in-house coding team has created an algorithm to optimise your language retention, to ensure your learn the new vocabulary easily while never forgetting the Chinese characters and phrases your learnt earlier in each course.

Step Four – Dialogs

At Domino Chinese we’ve always believed in the importance of learning ‘real-life Chinese’ which is practical, useful and authentic. 

As such, Felix, Ann and team have spend hundreds of hours recording interviews, conversation, lessons and dialogues on the streets all across China.

As you progress through each course, the Domino Chinese app will recommend dialogs which are suitable to your level of language proficiency. By watching these dialogues you’ll see how the language you already know is used in real-life conversations, making you more confident, improving your grasp of Chinese and making your listening skills even stronger.

For more details about the ‘best Chinese learning app’ be sure to check out the video below in which Felix demonstrates all the superb features of the Domino App which will help take your Chinese language skills to the next level!