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Domino Open

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  • Access to Lesson A (30 mins)

Domino Open

$12.99 / month
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  • 5000+ Videos (300+ hours)
  • 1000+ Real-life Dialogs
  • 1000+ Practice Exercises
  • Speech Recognition
  • Synchronized Flashcards
  • Dictionary with Videos
  • Transcriptions/Subtitles
  • HSK 1-5 Material
  • Forum and Discord
  • Offline Study (iOS app)

Domino Classroom

Online Teacher
$149 / month
($399 for Full 3-Month Course)
HSK Guarantee*
  • All Domino Open Features
  • 1-on-1 Guidance
  • Digital Classroom (min 2h / week)
  • 24h Live Support
  • Exclusive Resources
  • And much, much more...

*We've been around for 10 years, teaching over 100,000 students Chinese and our certified teachers are the best you'll find. If you choose the Classroom plan, we are now able to guarantee that you'll learn 2x faster than anywhere else. If not, we'll teach you for free.

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